Hive Caps Bag of 50 (200 caps)

Hive Caps Bag of 50 (200 caps)


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  • Description

    • Hive Caps are an innovative hexagonal shaped ink cap piece for tattooing that are easy to set-up, stable and customisable.

      The intuitive design of the Hive Caps allows for a faster and simpler set-up, allowing artists to simply grab, set down and go! Hive Caps have been designed to easily snap together to expand the tattoo artists colour palette and allow the artist to create a personalised customisation of their set-up, while making maximum use of space on the work surface.

      The design features don’t just end there. Hive Caps are also reversible – just flip them upside down and you’ll find a smaller sized ink cap. This is perfect for when you want to use less ink in your cap or snap together with the larger sized cap.

      Another benefit of the design is the ability to stack the Hive Caps, which prevents tattoo inks from drying out during longer sessions. It also minimises the chance of contamination – perfect for convention settings.

      Hive Caps also feature a measuring level line on the larger cap to help assure reliable mixes from session to session. They are also more stable than standard ink caps and do not require ointment to fix them to the work surface.

      Not only are Hive Caps designed to improve the ease and efficiency of a tattoo artist’s set-up, they are made to break away quickly for easy disposal.

      Hive Caps have the following measurements: 6.1cm (length) x 3.5cm (width) x 1.9cm (height).

      Small cap: 12~14mm inner diameter
      Larger cap: 14~16mm inner diameter

      Available to order in bags of 50 pieces (200 caps).